Lavender Bath Soaks with Lauren Kenney


Mother's Day is just around the corner! Make your mama a beautiful, made with love bath soak. A blend of Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Lavender. The aroma of lavender will make for an calming, soothing and restorative experience. 


Lavender Bath Soak

75g Epsom Salt
50g Pink Himalayan Salt
10-20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Handful of Lavender Buds


Head over to Lauren Kenney's blog for a beautiful hand-illustrated printable label and Mother's Day tag. We used a 125 ml Kilner Jar from Casual Gourmet in Guelph, Ontario. Any other mason jar will do!


If you're looking for some sweet soaks to give your Mom, or to treat yourself with something special, stop by the beautiful Blooms & Flora in downtown Guelph to find our lovely Rose Bath Soak or find us on Etsy or at the Blossom and Bloom Show in Toronto on Friday!